The Northwest's #1 Source for Film Vehicles

Extensive Inventory of Vehicles

We have a large inventory of vehicles to choose from including an wide range of Police and Emergency vehicles, Military vehicles, vehicles from specific time periods, high performance vehicles, and more. Picturecarswest will continue to purchase the most current vehicles available!

Current-day Police + Emergency

Our goal was to build the largest fleet of current day emergency vehicles available. With late model 2012 and newer Police and Swat vehicles in our fleet we have the largest selection of current day police vehicles available for rent. (This does not include our older crown vics).

Stunt Brake Ready Vehicles

Picturecarswest is the only vender in Western Canada that is currently suppling stunt brake ready late model police and civilian vehicles for rent. We also have a stunt brake prepped Charger available and will be installing a stunt brake in one of the new Hemi Charger Police Cars.

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